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HIQ Parts - Decal Squeegee (1 pc )

* The sponge is a consumable item. It needs to be replaced when it deteriorates until it stops sucking water. We are planning to release only sponge.
* Wipe off the water on both the sponge and the shaft rod after use. Mold and germs may occur.
* The product introduction image uses a prototype / image CG image. The product version may differ slightly. Please note.
* Not suitable for applications such as wiping off smearing paint. Please do not use.

Roll with "face" instead of "dot"!
Water transfer type decal pasting support tool.

A special tool that assists in the work of attaching water slide decals. Suitable for
expelling water from the lower layer of the decal, wiping off surface moisture, pressing down,
and wiping off unnecessary glue after drying.


The sponge is made of resin with added hydrophilicity.
As it is a soft material, it is easy to apply force evenly, and it
is recommended for work to blend decals on curved surfaces.
Since the decal is touched by the "face" instead of the "point", a strong force can be applied evenly.
It also has excellent followability to curved surfaces and is useful when applying large decals.
The shaft is made of aluminum and is a lathe processed product. Optimized for easy manual rotation of the shaft rod.

How to use

Before the attached decal dries
, use it by rolling the sponge material on the surface.
Adjust the water content appropriately by squeezing the sponge or letting it absorb into a cloth.
Also, remove water after use.

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