Aoshima 1/32 Initial D FC3S RX-7 RIYOUSUKE TAKAHASHI

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1/32 plastic model series of the street racing manga "Initial D" giving rise to the Hachiroku boom.

The Takahashi brothers, who made the Redsuns known as the fastest team at Mount Akagi, are scions of the Takahashi Clinic in Takasaki. Older brother "Ryosuke" had top grades in junior and senior high school and is now a medical student of Gunma University school. Ryosuke came to Mount Akina as a starting point of the "fastest Kantou project" in order to retire after becoming a legendary driver who has the fastest records in all Kanto areas. However, this project began to be messed up because of the incident that his young brother "Keisuke" was completely defeated by Takumi who is a driver of Hachiroku. Although he himself challenged Hachiroku with his car FD3S, he was also defeated, and his record, which he was undefeated in public road race, was over on Mount Akina.

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