Aoshima 1/24 NISSAN KPGC110 SKYLINE HT2000 GT-R '73

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A gem of 197 cars, the Kenmeri GT-R

The fourth generation Skyline, the C110 series, which underwent a full model change in September 1972, was a big hit upon its release and was nicknamed "Kenmeri" due to the popularity of the commercial catchphrase "Ken and Mary's Skyline. At the 19th Tokyo Motor Show in the same year, the 2000 GT-R racing version of the Skyline hardtop was exhibited. The excitement for the launch of the Kenmeri GT-R reached a climax. The next year, January 1973, delivery of the Kenmeri GT-R began, but the GT-R, which used leaded gasoline, could not meet the 1973 exhaust gas regulations, so only 197 units were produced (there are various theories on the number) and 195 were sold before the model was discontinued.

●New Kenmeri GT-R Grille
●New front and rear bumpers
●Eight-spoke wheels or genuine steel wheels
●Adjustable ride height/spring suspension
●Aluminum license plate
●15" Pirelli P7 tires

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