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We planned a brush suitable for the "face" of the model as "Kumano brush".
Even if you use model lacquer, enamel, or acrylic paint, the tips are not easily damaged and hair is not easily removed.
Moreover, I want it to be chewy, have good paint content, and have a long-lasting cohesive tip. "
is a face-to-face brush that uses a special synthetic fiber developed by "Kumano Brush" to meet the high demands of such modelers .
A face-to-face brush that can be used for so-called organic solvent-based model paints.

Do not wash by pressing the tip of the ear when washing.
It may cause the tip to bend.
Be sure to remove the adhered paint along the flow of hair.
If the paint sticks
, dissolve the paint with a model tool cleaner before cleaning.
It is a product approved by the Kumano Brush Business Cooperative.

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