Welcome to Scaleriders.com, your ultimate destination for all things scale model building. Our journey began in 1994 when a young enthusiast, fueled by a passion for scale model cars and inspired by the pages of Lowrider Bicycle Magazine, embarked on a quest to bring miniature creations to life. This journey of discovery led to the birth of Scaleriders.com.

As the pages turned and the models took shape, a simple question echoed in our founder's mind: "How do they do that?" This question ignited a lifelong pursuit of mastering the art and craft of scale model building. Through years of dedication, fueled by curiosity and bolstered by the acquisition of techniques and tools from around the world, our founder's skills flourished.

In December of 2020, Scaleriders.com took its first step into the digital realm, aiming to offer fellow modelers a curated selection of premium tools, model kits, paints, and detail parts from across the globe. Our mission is clear: to empower modelers of all levels with the resources they need to bring their visions to life. With each product we offer, we aim to share the excitement, joy, and satisfaction that comes from creating something truly remarkable.

We find ourselves in the midst of an exhilarating era for scale model building. The hobby is thriving, and innovation is propelling us forward. At Scaleriders.com, we are not just spectators but active participants in this movement. We take pride in contributing to the growth of the hobby, fostering a community where knowledge is shared, skills are honed, and dreams are realized.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Whether you're a seasoned modeler or just beginning to explore this world of miniatures, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Scale your dreams with us.


Edgar Vergara (65 Locs) Founder, Scaleriders.com



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